Cornell and Yale Workshops

Tracy and Sirietta conducted hands-on workshops sponsored by Cornell University and Yale University. These workshops include:

Workshop at DEA, Cornell University

Workshop at CIPA, Cornell University




Cornell University: DEA (March 30 and 31, 2012) and CIPA (April 6, 2012): A diverse set of students coming from various colleges, including the College of Human Ecology, the Johnson School of Management, the Cornell Institute for Public Affairs, the College of Agriculture and Life Science, the College of Architecture, Art & Planning and the School of Hotel Administration attended this workshop. As demonstrated in many IDEO projects, the diverse nature of teams lead to successful project outcomes.

Workshop at Yale University

Yale University, The Center for Engineering Innovation & Design (School of Engineering & Applied Science) and Yale School of Management’s Design & Innovation Club (April 20, 2012): Students from Engineering and School of Management participated in this workshop.

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