In my research, I examine the interactions between supply chain operations, marketing, and finance. Specifically, I conduct research in the following three areas:

  1. Economic and financial risk: I study the influence of financial fluctuations, such as the the exchange-rate risk, in global supply chains and operations;
  2. Supply risks and disruptions: I develop risk mitigation techniques that help agricultural supply chains; and
  3. Wine analytics: I examine the influence of a wine futures market on businesses that make and distribute wine. Specifically, I investigate the impact of tasting reviews, climactic conditions, and market fluctuations on the pricing of wine futures and bottled wine. The work helps (1) winemakers to determine the release price of their wine futures and the proportion of wine to be sold in advance in the form of wine futures, and the proportion of wine to be sold in retail distribution, and (2) wine distributors to determine how to allocate their financial resources between futures, bottled wine and cash.

My publications can be found in premier journals including Management Science, Manufacturing & Service Operations Management, Operations Research, and Production and Operations Management.


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