Working Papers

Gheibi, S., B. Kazaz, S. Webster. Direct-trade and the third-wave coffee: Sourcing and pricing a specialty product under uncertainty. [download]

Ayvaz-Çavdaroğlu, N., B. Kazaz, S. Webster. Agricultural cooperative pricing of premium product. under review [download]

Hekimoğlu, M.H., J.H. Park, B. Kazaz. Mitigating disruption risks in delivery supply chains to serve contracted customers. under review [download]

Gheibi, S., B. Kazaz, S. Webster. Global sourcing under exchange-rate uncertainty. under review [download]

Noparumpa, T., B. Kazaz, S. Webster. Production planning under supply and quality uncertainty with two customer segments and downward substitution. under revision [download earlier version]

Kazaz, B. Pricing and production planning under supply uncertainty. under revision [earlier version: download]

Kazaz, B., S. Webster, P. Yadav. Capacity investment decision model in malaria medicine supply chains with financing from donor organizations.

Hekimoğlu, M.H., B. Kazaz, S. Webster. Pricing young wines.

Hekimoğlu, B. Kazaz. A new method for wine trade: Options pricing for wine that is not yet bottled.

Li, Q., X. He, B. Kazaz. Pricing and quantity decisions for supply chains with uncertain demand and supply.

Kazaz, B., B. Tomlin, N. Jukic, S. Webster. Pricing and production planning under supply and demand uncertainty with multiple customer segments.

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